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Latest from the New World Energetics blog Is leadership growth restricted by karma? Business Energetics - New Energy, New Thought, New World Energetics Have you ever thought about the business energetics in your organization? That is, how karma, personal energy and, interpersonal energetics may be affecting the efficient functioning of leadership in a team or... Continue Reading →


A new way to think about your future

Have you ever tried to predict the future, or had it done for you, and it’s been accurate? If yes, then I’m sure it’s also true that you’ve had experiences of the same that have been totally inaccurate! So is it possible to predict the future? After many years of spiritual study, I would say – in some cases yes, in others, no. Doesn’t that sound like what I said at the beginning? Yes, you are correct. This is not intended to confuse you, but to give you an energetic sense of the changing nature of the future. But here is what I have learned from embodying the energy of the future and how it can help us in the now.

Universal Karmic Law – energy taken creates consequences

Karmic Law of energy #1 – you can’t take from others by osmosis – without a karmic consequence! There are many interesting concepts I receive as I regularly work with the energy of the Akashic Records, both for myself and for clients, one of the most fascinating is the concept of karmic law. Over time I... Continue Reading →

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