And some people think I’m weird? Scientists put false memory in mouse’s mind

I live in (relatively quiet) Wichita, Kansas.

Picked up my local paper on Saturday and this is what I saw.

And they think I'm weird

All things Holy!  (Checks date to make sure it isn’t April Fools’ Day).

It’s true.  Apparently scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have successfully implanted a false memory into a mouse’s brain.

The article states that

MIT Neuroscientist Steve Ramirez…tagged brain cells with a specific memory, and then tweaked that memory to make the mouse believe something had happened when it didn’t….”If mice had Hollywood…this would be ‘Inception’ for them” said one of the lead researchers.

My first question…why??

We all have memories, some that serve us well and others that don’t serve us as well.

There are natural ways to work with memories that distress us, such as hypnosis, EMDR therapy and PTSD work and Akashic Records work at the spiritual level if you work in my neck of the woods.

We’re only just moving into those territories in ways that doctors and the medical world are beginning to accept…and now this?

I believe we are already pre-programmed enough – in fact, we’re in overload

The media programs us without us really understanding the results until now…our brains go in directions with language as it is…(Richard Bandler, co-creator of NLP)…and here we are putting memories into mouse’s brains.

This worries me.  Put this kind of power into the wrong hands and we may not even know what our own memories are any more.

“We would have every reason to expect this would happen in humans exactly as it happened in mice”.

And some people say I’m weird…

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