Displet Pop, weird name, really excellent free lightbox wordpress plugin

displet pop lightbox pluginSometimes it takes me a while to get the message…Displet Pop is helping with sign-ups

I’ve blogged for three years, initially for therapeutic purposes. Now that the kids are older and I have more time, thinking about how I can make an online business of my skills.

Been to Online Business School…

Took Marie Forleo’s excellent B-School course earlier this year, and learned a lot about list-building (creating your own email list of potential clients, rather than simply an RSS feed or an email RSS list of your blog post recipients).

Oh. I need to build a list?

Really, it makes total sense since when I used to be in business in the UK (Oddball Training), we marketed and operated from a growing list of clients and interested people. As part of that partnership, I did more selling than marketing…

So, how to go about that when building up a small business? One without any free cash sloshing around, quite honestly.

I don’t necessarily need a huge list, just enough for clients who really like what I do as I grow this small information-based online business. (See? I did go to business school!).

Lightbox Plugins – Wassat?

Initially I used a simple sign-up form from AWeber…then moved to Constant Contact because AWeber didn’t fit my brain. I know, I know, I AM a geek but AWeber just didn’t work for me at the time.

Once I had used another free WordPress Plugin to create a prettier sign-up form and figured out how to connect it to Constant Contact (subjects for a different blog post) I then began to remember what some people on Marie Forleo’s course had mentioned, that a ‘pop-up’ or Lightbox would increase sign-ups to my list.

Enter Displet Pop

Finally, I paid attention when a Soul-Full FB colleague, Jennifer Shelton, recommended using a Lightbox and then someone else mentioned Displet Pop, a FREE Lightbox plugin.

I can’t help thinking the name is a little odd, almost as if somebody was typing it up for the WordPress plugin list and made a typo….”Dagnabbit, I meant to type DISPLAY Pop. Oh well, there it is.” I’m sure there’s a history there.

Still what is best about the Displet Pop plugin is NOT the name, but the fact that it worked straightaway on all three of my sites. I had tried 2 other free plugins and ended up with broken sites.

As a part time blogger, home mom and practicing energy worker designing a new business, I need stuff that works!

Now I have a pop-up sign-up boxes

Hooray! You can check out how Displet Pop is working at Mom On A Spiritual Journey, New World Energetics or The Personal Energy Practice. (The other thing I learned on the Marie Forleo course is that I am a ‘multi-passionate’ entrepreneur).

displet pop lightbox plugin

It has some nice features, like being able to switch off the pop-up for mobile devices (either phone or tablet) and setting cookie expiry times so that regular visitors don’t keep getting blammo-‘d with lightboxes.  Note to self, don’t leave it in test mode afterwards, either!! :-0

The ultimate litmus test – thanks to Displet Pop my Sign-Ups have tripled

I know there some amazing lightbox plugins out there…would love to hear about any other free ones readers here would recommend (that don’t break blogs), or reasonable premium plugins too (premium=ones you have to pay for).

Once my list is bigger, I’ll be able to afford more premium wordpress plugins. For now, I’ll stick with Displet Pop. (Are you quite sure it shouldn’t be ‘Display?’).

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