Do you Evernote? How did I Ever Note without you?

I love to Evernote!

About 9 months ago a colleague on a Twitter chat group mentioned Evernote. I really didn’t know what it was, but others in this chat group were very enthusiastic about the productivity possibilities of Evernote.

They were right – even with the free version of Evernote…I don’t know what I did without it! More than likely spent a lot more time getting my online work done.

I use the free version (yet more shoulders of giants upon which us internet geeky types stand – thank you!). I know there’s a pro version, this short review is about the benefits and uses of Evernote for the Mommy blogger/coach/spiritual/geeky types out there.

You can install Evernote on…

Your PC
Your MAC
Your iPad or tablet
Your iPhone or Android phone

What is Evernote?

Evernote contains notebooks and you can create notes which are essentially pages inside a notebook.

You can also tag notes and categorize them but I don’t have a need for that quite yet.

The version installed on your PC has a sync button…so if I’m out or upstairs with my phone or tablet, anything I type there can be synced to the PC (downstairs in my case) when I’m ready to use it.

OK OK – so I have PC and it’s a tower. It is a high powered PC with two screens and wireless internet though. You can take the 80s computer technology away from the girl, but you can’t take the girl away from the 80s computer technology! But I digress…

So how do I use Evernote?

EvernoteFrom the simple… (cutting and pasting my daughter’s school shopping list onto a note for reference in a store)

To the more complex…

Storing all my Akashic Records study notes – including links to study pages, mp3 files and any resources I need, really.

When I was in the midst of studying online, this meant that when I sat down at night to log on to my online course after a full day with the girls, cooking dinner and sliding into my computer chair at 7pm, I knew that all the links I needed and all my previous notes of any type would be in one place and I could focus on what I wanted to….the energy of the Akashic Records.

Using Evernote when you are blogging

EvernoteI (mostly!) blog once a week…somewhere! Bloggers and writers all will understand that when the muse hits, we need to write.

Using Evernote I can sit and type away on my tablet whilst running the washer and dryer, waiting for the cable guy or whoever the heck else it is I need to be doing and figure out what to cook for dinner.

Then when I want to blog or schedule a blog post, I hop downstairs where I can sync Evernote, copy and paste text and links into my blog post and add a pic. (Copy and paste in the Text tab in WordPress though, otherwise you can get a bunch of odd code inserted, not just the text – a pain to get rid of).

You can back up Evernote and your notes are also in the Cloud

I like to know that my hard won text is stored somewhere other than WordPress until it becomes a blog post and goes out there. Just in case there’s a blip. (No offense, WordPress!).

If you like, you can also back up Evernote to your PC. I like to do that now that I have a bunch of course notes on there. I may not keep them there forever, they are very quickly to hand while I’m still studying.

For me, it’s a definite productivity boost

Since beginning to use Evernote, I get my blog posts done whenever I have a moment. That leaves me more time to develop my business, or bake cookies with the girls, if so I desire.

I’d love to hear your helpful shortcuts using Evernote.

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