How to start the creative writing process – to blog, or not to blog?

Is that the question?

BloggingNow that I’m writing more regularly, got to thinking about the creative writing process.

Mostly for me at the moment it’s blogging…also starting a creative writing project too. Watch this space for the result!

How the professionals do it

Had a good laugh when listening to professional blogger Derek Halpern.

I listened to a webinar and he described his creative process as ‘painful’. (I’m paraphrasing here) “First I sit and groan over the keyboard…then I bang my head on it…then I go and bang my head on a wall outside. Then I write something”. Hopefully that is a metaphor Derek! 🙂

Marie Forleo creates all her videos for the month on one day. Wonder if she writes all her blog posts on one day too?

As for how I do it, I am definitely an oddity – maybe there are more of you out there like me?

…if there are, perhaps you won’t admit it! I get inspirations. I note them down, sometimes I can’t because I’m walking the dog with a poop bag in one hand and a dog leash in the other…or I’m in the shower…or dropping off to sleep…or cooking dinner…you get the idea…

I mull over this inspiration, whatever it is, for a day or two. It cycles around inside my head, talking to me.

Then I flip open my little Clamcase, open Evernote on my iPad and write the whole thing in one go.  Pictures and and links go in at posting time on my PC downstairs (and so does the text, copied and pasted from Evernote).

When I first started blogging three years ago, I put myself in front of a blank screen and asked myself to write

It was so hard! I expected myself to complete the whole thing from a place of blankness. I sure do set myself some tasks sometimes.

After a couple of years of angst, I began to learn that there are easier ways to go about being creative.

Going out and about is one of them, so is having a change of scene or walking the dog. Somehow it frees up the mind to just gently look at ideas and inspirations instead of trying to squeeze the life out of them.

Well, for what it’s worth, that’s my creative process.

Do you know about Brain Gym?

I sometimes use Brain Gym and/or yoga poses to help too.

Yoga stimulates your brain because you’re moving your body into different positions. Oh, hang on…that’s a subject for a different blog post on one of my other, other blogs…

How do you get creative?

2 thoughts on “How to start the creative writing process – to blog, or not to blog?

  1. I like to stop staring at the empty screen and do something else…. Then when I’m in the car I think back on what I was doing besides blogging for the day and that’s when my brain goes on tangents and thinks of other things to write about 🙂


    1. Good to know I’m not the only one that needs to do this! As soon as I disengage my brain from the ‘immediate’ the writing is easier.

      Thanks for commenting, it’s appreciated!


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