What’s the story morning glory? The Akashic Records of non-humans

Akashic Records of non-humans

What’s the story Morning Glory?

Actually this picture is from my garden and it’s a Rose Mallow, but that doesn’t rhyme quite as well.

Did you know that non-human things have Akashic Records too?




We can read the Akashic Records of…

  • a flower
  • a tree
  • a crystal
  • your dog (with their permission)
  • your house or a house you are buying
  • a town or city
  • …take your pick…

Why read the Akashic Records of non-human things?

It sounds odd – yet reading the Records of non-human things can make perfect sense when…

  • you’re buying a house and you want to know more about it
  • you’re moving to a new area, same as above
  • you’d like a deeper connection with your dog or something is bugging your dog and you’d like to know more
  • you’d love to have a deep spiritual experience with a tree or gain more knowledge about the contents of your back yard
  • you love flowers and always feel a deep connection with them…

Loved this clip from the movie Epic (enjoyed the whole movie!)

Watch for the part where the Oracle (played by Stephen Tyler) takes everyone down into the roots of the plant word and shows how the ‘scrolls’ down there record everything.

“Just because you haven’t seen something…doesn’t mean it’s not there!”

It’s all in the Akashic Records!

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Until next time.

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