How reviewing our Past Lives through the Akashic Records can be useful and helpful to us – is it necessary believe in past lives?

During an Akashic Records Reading it’s possible to access our Past Lives.
Why would we want to?  Even if we do believe in Past Lives…what is the benefit of this practice?

Sometimes Past Lives can help us release and relieve issues in this life.

One of the major proponents of this practice is a Psychiatrist and (converted) Past Life Regression Therapist called  Brian L Weiss.
His book Many Lives, Many Masters documents his story of the discovery of the past lives of a client, changing both his life and hers forever.
Brian Weiss age-regressed a client under hypnotherapy to age 2 in order to help her with childhood issues and she then spontaneously regressed to a previous life.
Over time repeated regressions healed issues for the client that modern pyscho-therapy and drugs had been unable to heal.
Brian Weiss continues to practice hypnotherapy sessions to this day, regressing clients to help them heal from emotional and physical issues, including recently – his own daughter.

How can a Past Life (if they exist) help us heal in this Life?

During my Akashic Records Training, a fellow student reviewed a past life of mine.  I was a (male) farmer living on the mid-Western plains.  (I live in Kansas now, and even as a Brit I’ve felt oddly ‘at home’ here).

In this Past Life I had a wife and several children, and my wife was unable to help on the farm due to female problems – monthly cycle.  Apparently in my Past Life with her I was very impatient and unsympathetic because I needed more help on the farm and used to leave her to struggle with her health issues and our 7 children by herself.

In this life one of my major health issues has been major, major problems with the monthly cycle.  You name it, I’ve experienced it.  Yet I’ve had all the health scans and checks – everything appears completely normal – ‘exceedingly healthy’ my doctor called it.

Perhaps Karma – even knowing this is helping me to heal

Since learning about this past life, I’ve taken it upon myself to focus on how I can heal these hurts within myself, finding a local acupuncturist with similar beliefs who is helping me release the energy around this.

Even simply learning about this Past Life has changed my ‘Why me?’ attitude around this problem, and I am more relaxed about it.

So, whether you believe in Past Lives or not, having a reading like this may help with a longstanding issue, whether it be physical, emotional or something else.

Until next time….

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