Ancestral Patterns and the Akashic Records

The Akashic Records help to identify ancestral patterns

Akakshic Records
From my recent study in learning to read the Akashic Records,  identifying ancestral patterns can help us in our path to healing and release of Karma for the future.

Ancestral Patterns and Family Pathology

In the Akashic Records work we can help the client to identify an ancestral pattern, defined as ‘a behavioral pattern we can name‘.

Three examples of ancestral patterns from the viewpoint of the Akashic Records are:-

  1. Self-sabotage.  E.g. compulsive over-eating, addiction, or some other kind of self-limiting behavior.
  2. Self-doubt.  A lack of belief in the power of the self.
  3. Controlling behavior.  Abuse of power over others so that the perpetrator feels bigger – at least for a while – and the other(s) feel diminished.

Again, looking at life through this lens, I’m sure many readers on this list could quite quickly identify ancestral patterns in their own line or in other family groups in their life.

How to help identify and potentially heal family pathology and ancestral patterns?

Within the Akashic Records work, if a client has a family problem then more often than not, ancestral patterns are involved and sometimes even Past Lives.

An Akashic Records reader can help the client to open their Records and have them ask the difficult questions, such as

‘Why did my father always____________?’ 

Or ‘What was my mother thinking when she_____________?’ 

Often the Akashic Records will offer up deeper insight on the nature of the ancestral pattern, when it started and why it has manifested in the client’s life…or even in the lives prior to the client’s current life.

Once the energy is described and more light cast on the issue, the client often finds that their experience of the issue changes too.

Learning to overcome unhelpful Ancestral Patterns from the Akashic Perspective

I am learning to overcome my family pathology and ancestral patterns – it takes a willingness to identify patterns and face up to any associated emotions – first to accurately identify them and secondly to clear the energy around them and heal any broken pieces.

Sometimes, simply getting the energy moving around an old or stuck issue can change our feelings and perspectives about an issue.
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