Akashic Records – a recording of your lives, past and present

Your life…digitally recorded in the Akashic Records?

Just think if you could access your present and past lives almost like a digital recording…only this one would contain all that you have seen, experienced and felt.

Would that be useful to you?
An Akashic Records Reading accesses your Book of Life, opening to the Akashic Realm where all of this personal information is stored.

How can I receive a reading?

This realm of work was once only deemed available to mystics and Secret Societies.

Shortly after 9/11 my teacher Linda Howe bought through the Pathway Prayer Process in order for more people to begin to access their Records and learn more about their lives and spiritual development.

Those drawn to give readings can help clients open their Book of Life using this prayer and a shift in consciousness with the help of the Akashic Energy.

Will I learn everything from this Record?

The Akashic Records are managed by a group of Loving Entities who come through from this Realm as a group energy, referred to as your MTLOs (Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones).
It’s not possible or appropriate to learn everything all at one time from the Records, for one that would be too overwhelming and also the time may not be right for a person to know all that there is about themselves, based on their place on their Spiritual Journey and the balance of Karma.

Think of the Records as a benevolently managed Internet

Knowledge and information is there for the asking…yet only at the rate which you as an individual on your journey can process and make use of the information for your own Spiritual Growth and Personal development.
Akashic Records Readers will only be given the information you need as appropriate also – several of us have already had experiences where some energy is ‘blocked’ or unreadable, even though you the client are asking the questions.

We can only accept that the questions are not available for the answering at this time

Many questions are there for the answering however, all those you can think of (and many more) as appropriate for your personal Journey.
Until next time
Interested in having a reading?  Here’s how you can book a reading with Sarah.

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