How Working with Past Lives in the Akashic Records is different than a Past Life Regression

Past Lives, Past Life Regressions and the Akashic Records

You may have heard of Past Life Regression work when the subject of Past Lives comes up for discussion.

I’ve experienced Past Life Regression work with a colleague here in Wichita…it’s pretty much a full body experience and somewhat like a guided mediation…although at some point you are the one doing the guiding because it’s your life!

Working with Past Lives in the Akashic Records

Past life work in the Akashic Records is somewhat different.  

If you are having a Reading, the Akashic Records Reader will either review Past Lives on your request or mention that a Past Life event is coming up in connection with a current subject or question.

I have been taught a technique where I open a column of light in order to describe information from this past life of the clients.

I often joke that it’s like the cash tube at the ATM…since more often than not the client’s past life will ‘drop’ into the tube almost immediately.

I can then describe the Past Life to the client in the context of the work we are doing together.

Why work with my Past Lives?

Past Life work can be beneficial for many reasons…

  • to gain a whole new perspective on this life from our Soul Level Truth
  • to discover why we perpetuate behavior that no longer serves us – by discovering repetitive unhelpful patterns from our past
  • to help identify and often clear unexplained phobias or physical issues (people will often feel these in the body as we review the Past Life)
  • to help unlock Hidden Talents and Abilities!

 As Deepak Chopra says…

Each of us is here to discover our true Self…

that essentially we are spiritual beings

who have taken manifestation in physical form…

that we’re not human beings that have occasional spiritual experiences

that we’re spiritual beings that have occasional human experiences. “…

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