Our family tree and the Akashic Records

Akashic Records and our Family Tree

 When working with clients (or for myself) in the Akashic Records, one of the areas I have been taught to focus upon is ancestral patterns, or generational patterns.

These are patterns of behavior that can run through families, behavior that can be named and that can sometimes cause issues for ourselves and our other family members.
In this post I want to mention the fascinating opening the Akashic Realm gives us into our own family tree.
So far when I have given readings I have been able to give people information they don’t already have available about their family tree – and I like it even better when it’s validatable.

E.g. clients come back to me and say “You were right about Great Aunt Edna…I asked my Aunt and she said __________”.

Knowing where we have come from can be so helpful on the road to Personal and Spiritual Development

So much of what we do, how we act and how we behave can often come from unconscious drivers.

That is, behavior that we have inherited without being aware of it.

The realm of the Akash is one area where behavior is repeated unknowingly because it is inherited via our Personal Energy Field.
For example…in the positive frame…a client may come from a long line of teachers or firefighters…and the Akash has a part in that.
In the negative or less than helpful frame…somebody may have addiction issues because this has been a family or generational pattern and the Akash has a part in that, for ill or for good.
The main thing is to become aware of our unconscious drivers.  Awareness is key.  Then we can decide how to act on that knowledge.
What are the unconscious drivers you have inherited from your Family Tree?

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