Freedom from the Perspective of the Akashic Records

Akashic Records Reading as a Spiritual Practice

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I regularly access the Akashic Records as part of my Spiritual Practice.

Yesterday I found myself wanting to answer this question (for myself) from Linda Howe’s Book Healing Through The Akashic Records.

The question was “What is true about freedom, or what do I know about freedom?

I opened my Akashic Records..and wrote this…enjoy!

You know that to be thinking about freedom is not free

You know that to be playing with the idea of freedom…that is not true freedom either.

What is true freedom is the soaring of the spirit above daily concerns and the full flowing feeling of God’s love entering your being, within and without.

Know that freedom for you is a state of mind and a body position. 

ANYTHING that bears down upon you with ill intent restricts your freedom.

ANYTHING or ANYONE who controls with the energy of no-mind is not truly free and as an empath you feel the lack of freedom, therefore you are not truly free.

In those places where you are free, you feel it, you sense it, and it is. It has been a long journey for you towards freedom since your spirit is so old, so wise and has had to deal with so many shackles.

Time it is to throw off those shackles and be free in mind, body AND spirit. The way to do this now? 

Write, write and create.

The land of music is where we are truly, energetically free. The land of poetry is where the thought of everyman is respected. The land of art is where true freedom reigns, in every pen stroke, paint daub and charcoal sketch where the person is in the moment of the PROCESS and not focused upon the outcome. 

The freedom you yearn to experience you have always had, in truth, at the Soul Level. You can express it through every fibre of your being whenever you wish to be truly free. Do you wish to be truly free? Express it, and it will be.

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