Google authorship reduction and Facebook is NOT free!

google authorship

Where oh where did my Google mugshot go?

Ah, me.

I spent six weeks figuring out how to get Google Authorship.  And I did figure it out!

Since December 2013 Google has begun something called ‘authorship reduction’.  Basically that means for people who are single-handedly creating their own blogs or sites…it may be unlikely that you’ll EVER see your lovely mug on the google page again.

Here’s a link to an article discussing the decline.

Facebook – ‘free and it always will be’ – not!

To coin that famous phrase from Wayne’s World – free – not!

Distinct droppage on my Facebook page visits now that Facebook page owners need to boost posts.  That is, pay for them.

This matched with ‘Facebook fatigue’ by users indicates that Facebook may ‘go the way of Myspace’.

Hmmmnnn…methinks a lot of teenagers are tired of seeing their Mom and Dad’s posts online next to theirs and would rather play on Snapchat unless they get found out.

Podcasts – the next Big Thing

Now I’m noticing a trend towards podcasts which encourage website engagement.

They certainly are a great way to learn things and reach people with an approach.  And, if you have a little technical savvy, a wordpress site and are able to install plugins, Bob (or Pod) is your proverbial Uncle.

Wonder when we’ll decide that the internet really should be free?  I’ll give it 200 years at least…

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