vCita CSM and Online Scheduling review for small businesses like you and me

Customer Relationship Management or CRM – how vCita is helping me out

vcitaAs business is starting to grow for me with my Online Practice, I’m getting a growing Customer List.  Hooray!

However as many start-ups will tell you large or small, this can cause some confabulation since now there are more customers…we need to keep in touch with them more and how to do this in an online world when there are social media tasks, (thank you, Hootsuite), website updates (flying fingers) and a million other calls on our time?

In my case, I began to realize I needed to manage appointment making better.

I was getting requests but not managing them as well as I would like because the emails from my contact forms were mingled in with all sorts of other business emails.

Not good…help!

I used to be a Maximizer whiz BC (Before Children) when I co-directed a training company (Oddball Training Ltd) in the UK.

Maximizer is a Customer Relationship Management system and worked great for our size of business.  (Two full-time employees, two part-time and contract training and sales staff).

We were able to grow and maintain our business via phone, email and letter and keep track of everything that was sent, received and said in one place.

If you’re new to the concept of Customer Relationship Management then that’s it, in a nutshell.

Maximizer is great for bigger teams…back to that nut analogy…like cracking a walnut with a sledgehammer for my size of business.

That’s where it’s useful to have online friends in animal communication!

My FB Buddy Janet Roper and Animal Communicator at Talk2theAnimals at the time was using the free vCita WordPress plugin (at least, I THINK it was the wordpress one).

She doesn’t know it (yet) but it inspired me to try it out.

Clients can chat and connect with you direct from your sidebar.  Neat!

I used it for a while and then realized that if I upgraded it would solve my scheduling issues!  Hooray!

Clients can connect with me using this form.   (click here to see the form, I can’t display the actual plugin here at, you can head over to Mom On A Spiritual Journey if you want to see it in action).

Once clients add their email address, anytime they come back to any of my links we can chat.

Chat, Scheduling, Paypal Links and more…

So having paid the fee for the scheduling module, there are several things I already love about it

  1. I can chat with clients and book appointments then and there – vCita takes care of sending confirmations and reminders for an appointment to both myself and the client, too.
  2. I have several types of links to my booking system and chat system that I can promote on any site – I even have it added to a Google Blogspot blog called Akashic Messages.
  3. I have a CRM – Customer Relationship Management system!
  4. I can sync my Google Calendar with vCita so as soon as I add an appointment there, it blocks it out my availability to clients – magic!
  5. I have my own mini-website at vCita.
  6. I can add new services at the click of a button.
  7. I can add Paypal links to my services.

Does it do the dusting and vacuuming too?  I’m working on that one…

Does vCita sound like it could be a useful addition to your business?  They have a refer a friend program

vCita are updating aspects of their system as they go.  They recently added a function so that clients can be marked ‘To follow up’.

I like the way they think!

If you like what I’ve written here and want to try vCita, click on this link>>>

As an existing customer, I can offer this link to you and you get to try vCita Ultimate free for 30 days.  If you decide to upgrade, we both get $30 credited to our vCita accounts.  🙂

Now THAT’s helpful.

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