Wichita Housewife Opens Akashic Records


Headline – Wichita Housewife Opens Her Akashic Records!

My dears it is time that you know this.

The Records are an elevated level of consciousness that you can access at any time.

They are as much part of you as the nose on your face, your perception of yourself and the money in your bank account.
What they are there for – and why they are there – is in one way very simple.  In some ways, the Akashic Records are a by-product of your consciousness piercing the veil and coming into this dimension.
The Records are the backing track for all of your incarnations and reincarnations – they sing along energetically as you go about your daily life.

How else would you receive a Life Review when you return?

Judge not the bringer of these Messages…she trusts her own Records enough to write from them and from the Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones that do help re-read the Records for her.
Yea even the Lords of the Records are aware of Sarah and know that her intent is pure, clear and good.
That’s why she can do this.

Why would a Wichita housewife want to open the Akashic Records anyway?

Unless she has a dream that all Wichita housewives could open their Records…and then what a different place Wichita would be!
What if all women could open their Akashic Records?  What if all men?
What if the whole of the human race and consciousness could become aware of their Records?
That would certainly be an extraordinarily interesting level of conscious awareness in the World.
Yet the Akashic Records are not simply a by-product of creation.
They are needed and required for creative forces to become born, learn about themselves and return to source.
In this case, the creative forces we are talking about are you, Dear Ones!
So when you are drawn, when you are asked, when you are pulled or nudged…walk your way into the Records.
Use the Pathway Prayer Process, find a Reader, whatever suits…and step in.
We will be waiting for you.

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