The Akashic Records are a Spiritual Engine

Guides hello. Please comment further on the Akashic Records as a Spiritual Engine. 

 Yes, dear ones, we are here and so are your MTLOs (Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones) albeit at a different level of vibration.

So to comment on this we would have you think of a baby in the womb. Does the baby have a spirit, a soul? Of course. How does the baby’s body connect with the Spirit or soul? Via the spiritual engine of the Akash of course.

The Akashic Records are the Spiritual Engine

The soul is ready. Your soul or aspect of the Creator has decided to lean into the wind of birth, the portal of life. The karmic load is agreed, the Soul Contracts worked out, the Life Lessons set up. So how to connect the dots?

The Akash moves into action and downloads everything, including the aspect of the Soul that comes into a human body to make a life conscious. You can imagine big wheels turning if you like. That’s what it is when people talk about ‘The Circle of Life’.

The engine that drives the Circle is the manifestation power plant of the Akashic Energy

The Akashic Records are an aspect of that energy. A silver energetic thread of connection is also created between the Soul and its’ human aspect.

This is the thread that some people see when they are traveling astrally, although seeing it from the human bias they perceive the thread to only be attached ‘back’ to their human body! In reality the thread is multi-dimensional and is attached to the Soul also, through the veil.

The Akash Connects the Dots

Otherwise, how would the soul aspect of the human know where to ‘go’ when it passes?

The Akash is all about connecting the dots in the Journey of the Soul. 

Now as to the human knowledge and awareness of the Akash, many have known of its’ existence for aeons.  Secret societies, mystics, scholars and readers have accessed their records and also group Records for many souls’ benefit.

So why would you, oh reader, be drawn to this page?   Because it is time for more people to be accountable for the energies they carry with them, not only from this life, but from those before this life.

Soul Awakening

You see, your Soul is waking up. It is deepening, widening and calling you to recognize your home with the Creator, as well as your life here on planet Earth.

When the Soul awakens, so too does the Soul’s Akash.

The energy starts to move because the human asks why? Why am I here? What is my Soul Purpose?

    Why do I recognize that person even though I have never met them before in this Life? 

        Why do I love a particular country or have always wanted to visit? 

          • Why do I hate a particular food or type of clothing? 

          • Conversely, why do I love a particular type of music and feel completely at home in a part of the country I have never visited before? 

          The Soul Asks, the Energy Moves

          You see, my dears, it’s all in the Akash.

          The Soul asks, the energy moves, the emotions are reactivated, the memories come, and you are indeed awakening.

          So enjoy, enjoy the Akashic Age. There will come a tipping point and you will realize, oh, yes, I am awake, my Soul has awakened me by drenching me in the Akashic Energy.

          And now I want to know more…

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