The Clamcase for iPad – a review

ClamcaseClamcase Review



I’ve had a Clamcase for a quite a while and use it regularly as part of my writing and blogging process – as you’ll see from this post about Evernote.

A Clamcase to encase your pearl of wisdom – your iPad!

A Clamcase is a wireless keyboard with a ‘shell’ that exactly fits the iPad (recently released also – a Clamcase for the iPad Air.)

The iPad just pops into the shell, so you don’t lose any screen room with straps or edges.

First Clamcase had some recharge issues

A little while back my Clamcase was struggling to recharge after only a little more than a year of ownership. Some of the earlier models did have recharging issues.

On a wing and a prayer I wrote to Clamcase telling them about my issue and they very kindly replaced it with a brand new one free of charge – I just needed to return my old Clamcase and do a little paperwork.

I’m happy to report that the updated version works great.

The Clamcase comes with a charger for the keyboard…which I rarely seem to have to use. The keyboard stays alive for ages – about a week dependent on usage – and then all of a sudden will ssstarrt ttyppping doubbbblleee leeettteeerrs so that’s when I know I need to recharge.

I love the Clamcase because it turns my iPad into a little PC or dare I say mini-MAC when I want it that way. I can write my online stuff at the kitchen table, use apps and do a fair bit of social media work too.


The case is resilient being a shell and doesn’t make the iPad too heavy to slip into a bag or backpack for travel.

Both my girls borrow the iPad to google for homework or information purposes and it stands up very well to their use.

There is a two-way hinge on the Clamcase so I can flip it around to

– read on the Kindle app
– play videos
– look at a recipe when I’m cooking
– stand it up when I want to play music.

Nice chunky feel, clicky positive keyboard

It has all the standard nice crafted holes so that you can charge your iPad in the case and plug in headphones too.

There are easy copy, cut and paste buttons and several other function buttons also.

As a touch-typist since (mumble) 1981 I soon found myself adapting to the little keyboard, only my thumb was stubborn with the spacebar for a day or two.

All in all, I love my Clamcase! Productivity is definitely up when I use it. As a touch-typist I get very frustrated with the iPad keypad.

The Clamcase helps me to fly ahead and get the job done.

Now, back to the laundry.

How do you use your iPad?

Ready for a spirited geeky discussion? I'm all ears.

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