The Akashic Records and The Lattice

The Akashic Records – and The Lattice

Kryon writes 

“The Lattice represents the personal Akashic attributes of a human being, a quantum energy that surrounds him or her that can be used and pulled upon. It includes healing, a balance of life, and even mastery.” 

Dear Guides, can you comment on the connection between the balancing work and the Akashic Records 

Yes, yes, in your case Sarah the connection was pre-planned.   So, so you are here to activate the Akash for people.

It will happen even more quickly if clients will receive the balancing work as well as the Akashic work.

How does the Lattice represent the personal Akashic attributes of a human being exactly? 

It’s really the templates that store the deep Akashic information.

The fibers and loops ‘run’ the energy, so that once it has been activated it can be downloaded and read, if the human should choose to do so.

The energy can be activated also without being read consciously (e.g. by use of the prayer) in order still to assist in the awakening of the part of the soul which resides in the human body.

What are the Akashic attributes of a human being? 

  • Karma/karmic 
  • Their state of evolution 
  • How highly they can resonate with the Energy of Love 
  • Past Life attributes 
  • Life Lessons 
  • Soul Contract 

The Akashic Energy as a kind of ‘envelope’ which helps transition the soul aspect into and out of the human body 

The Sacred Templates (within the UCL) contain deeper and much more complex Akashic attributes, a bit like ‘programming’ or the morphogenetic field for each human’s soul aspect.

The Know-Knot (located under the rib cage in the area of the solar plexus) is a kind of spiritual server connection between this life and the Soul beyond.

How can the Akash be used to effect healing? 

The three levels (Story, Causes and Conditions, and Soul Level Truth) can be reviewed in the Energy of Love.

This will effect healing, however it may manifest for an individual.

Pasts can be changed through a shift in perspective, and this = healing at the Soul Level.

How can the Quantum Energy be used or pulled upon? 

The balancing work is very powerful for this.

As an Akashic Reader reading the energy will get it moving and it will be pulled upon as information is read and downloaded.

How can we create a balance of life through working with the Akashic energy or attributes? 

Now therein lies the question! Ha! The more we clear from our Karma and past life issues, the more balanced our lives can become.

 Can we become more peaceful? Sure. But we must do the work.

Can we create balance and happiness in our lives? Absolutely, But we must ask the gritty questions that may make us cringe and accept the answers with an open mind and heart that are both ready for healing.

How can we create Mastery through work in the Akashic Records? 

Beautiful, beautiful. The Mastery comes from the intent.

The intent to heal, the intent to practice balance, the intent to clear karma.

The more we practice this, the more masterful we are.

For verily we say, yea though you walk through the valley of the shadow of death, then shall ye see the Akashic Light and understand that all passes, yet all can be made anew in their own Soul’s image once again, in this lifetime or the next. It is of no consequence.

Time to finish for now.

As we open hearts and minds, the light of the Akash enters us and we are re-membered to ourselves in beautiful light and colors. And so it is.

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