An Akashic Message about Creative Energy

An Akashic Message about Creative Energy

Patricia Evans writes in ‘Verbal Abuse Survivors Speak Out’

The Creative Force is itself invisible and unseen, yet it has impelled the creation of music, art, poetry, literature and dance–works that resonate in the souls of millions born after.

These works ripple out into future time, changing and shaping and bringing to human experience that which had never been known before. 

Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones (MTLOs) please comment on these beautiful words

The Creative Force is a stream eternal. 

We know it is there within us all as surely as our breath, our hearts and our desire to connect with another.

The Creative Force is desire, love and truth combined in a kind of holy trinity. This is why great music, great art and great writing (as examples) give us such strong visceral reactions.

We would give (almost) anything — and sometimes anything! — to hear that music again…read that book for the first time again or own that piece of art. Or at least a print!

This stream of love, truth and desire is alive in everyone all the time. Even the most disconnected, damaged and traumatized can connect or reconnect with this stream whenever they so desire.

It is magical to us and we recognize and desire the magic because we are made of it, we came from it and to the Creative Force shall we return when it is our time to do so.

Using the energy of Creative Force we can all create…something 

It is our choice and free will what we choose to create, art, life experience or how we affect the experience of another.

We can recreate dark twisted thoughts, sensations and emotions and try to paste them over ourselves or anothers creative white stream of desire, love and truth.

This attempt though, is only ever temporary and will never last longer than one lifetime.

Sooner or later (and if it’s later, so be it — it will still BE) the white, sparkling powerful stream of desire, love and truth has greater Force than any power we believe we have or any will we choose to exert as human beings.

If you could reconnect directly with your Creative Force now in this life time…what would you desire to achieve? 

With love and rainbow hugs, dear ones.

From Patricia Evans

We thrive when we experience our Personal Power as the Creative Force. When we touch our creativity, practice our arts, and artfully live, we participate in the unfolding of the universe. This participation reveals a correspondence or integrity between ourselves and the universe.

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