An Akashic Message about Verbal Abuse

An Akashic Message about Verbal Abuse

Verbal abuse against women was originally created by men as a safety net for women, to protect and nurture us against all ills.

From cavemen/tribal times onwards, the world has been a risky place for men, yet an even riskier place for women. Men literally had to fight off other men, not to mention animals to keep their women safe.

Once people lived in safer communities this traditional behavior slowly transferred to the verbal circuit.

A man had to ‘encircle’ his woman to keep her safe. If she wasn’t encircled it caused him enormous anxiety because his role since the beginning of our evolution has been to fight off invaders and keep his woman (and therefore his children) alive.

 It’s a deep and primal survival instinct of the species. 

Men who have this desire to encircle still deeply embedded in their DNA because of ancestral patterning are more verbally abusive than others who don’t.

To honor men for carrying out this role for so many centuries is paramount from the Akashic perspective.

They sacrificed so much to enable women to have the space to safely grow, create children, learn about planetary resources such as plant medicine, observe their children, develop languages (for it was indeed the women who did this, and still do), women created spirituality, medicines, music and encouraged the arts.

The women’s role in this world, female energy, has always been deeply spiritual and creative 

Women create the space for this energy to come through partly because of their female nature but also because the men have been working hard to create this space.

The man’s role has always (to date) been that of structure, interpretation, organization and management. 

As we are growing and evolving, if women can fully embody this realization we will understand that we, and we alone, have the resources to help men grow out of this role which was assigned to them for the entire planet’s enabled evolution.

Men have carried so many burdens.

Women began to understand the need for this shift in the West during the World Wars and before that with the Suffragette movement.

Whilst these movements were seen by many as a defeminisation of women and a direct challenge to men, these energetic movements were spiritually assigned so that we could all evolve to duality energy polarity instead of yin-yang polarity between the sexes.

For women to be at peace with verbal abuse…there are now many tools

The spiritual awakening on the planet is for both men and women…yet this time it’s women who can take the lead and get the momentum going, since men have created the space by their many efforts for us (at least in the West as yet) to become financially independent and if we desire a part of the work force.

There is still much to do…yet we are so, so far along compared to 20, 50 or 100 years ago.

We are all taking some wrong turns but we will work it out

Verbal abusers, as hard as they are to live with, can be awakened. They may not choose to be in this lifetime…but all of our language is changing, again driven by women so that we have the tools to help our men.

Men need to be gently honored for the tough roles they have for so long had to unconsciously identify with simply for group survival.

As a woman I am indeed grateful that I haven’t had to shoulder that burden in this lifetime.

These thoughts from the meditation give me enormous Peace

Knowing the reasons for something that seems so harsh and unfair has always helped me.

When you experience verbal abuse or see it happening with others, think about honoring the thousands of years of protection this energetic posture has afforded women when we needed it. 

The energy of verbal abuse seems like a dark cloud in the light of modern society because of our Western culture, awareness and growth that have grown out of this encirclement of ancient energy.

Now if we can cast the Akashic Light on this energy, we see it for what it was and is – protection.

Now we can free men’s energy from the need to protect, control and encircle and let them be opened up to new ways of being.

I feel enormously emotional and appreciative as I write this.

 Let there be light!

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