Akashic Message for Christmas

Jingle Bells..

Well, ’tis the Season! It’s that time of year that many of us dread, to be quite honest. In the West the Holiday Season can be many things…but because of our marketing cartwheels and constructs…and many other Thought Forms that over the centuries we have created, for many people (yours truly included) this Holiday Season involves a lot of running around and stress.

True, it’s lovely when all is done and – hopefully – there are smiles on everyone’s faces during the holidays. More often than not though there is stress and strain and even an increase in family arguments and disputes.

This month I’m simply going to offer you this…a short Akashic Message about staying centered and calm, whatever your situation. I know I needed to write it! If you’d like to read other Akashic Messages here’s my (other, other) blog site Akashic Messages.

Just let others’ eyes be your guide

Look into other people’s eyes at Christmas and wonder about their stories. We all have stories that are as fascinating and individual as our fingerprints. Take a breath this holiday season and review one of your own favorite stories. Which stories make you happiest to recall? Recall those. This year you are just living another holiday story and in time someone else may find themselves in the act of remembering it.

Find a way to make it a happy one to recall. Ensure that you pick something you like to do during the holidays. Look into your family’s eyes. If you are alone this year, pick a favorite photo and look into the eyes of a Beloved. Their stories and yours will come to mind and calm you, reminding you of the eternal stream of life. Love your stories and theirs. Find peace in even the short moments when these stories make you feel joyful or grateful. The energy of your stories intersect and make a whole, at which you are the center. Feel the emanation of peace.

You are dearly loved. xx

Wishing you the best of energy this holiday season.

Until next year!

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