20 Celebrities and Their Past Lives – Do we all look the same in Past Lives?

Do we look like ourselves in Past Lives?

I thought this video was fascinating.  So do we all look like our present selves in Past Lives or is it just a gene pool coincidence?

I thought I’d pose this question to my Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones within my Akashic Records.  I have had experience of …Face Reading… where I was told I had an archetypal face that had been repeated over many lifetimes.

In fact, when living in the UK there have been several occasions where I was asked ‘Did I go to Newcastle University?’ by several different people, some of whom I didn’t know…so there is someone out there in the UK who looks very much like me…who did go!

Face Reading?

Face reading is  a spiritual exercise where you sit opposite another person and focus your gaze only on their left eye.  As you relax and breathe deeply, keep the focus and you may see flickering changes over their face as their Past Lives display themselves to you.

If you have no-one to practice with, try it in a slightly darkened room in a mirror.  Although, if you are easily freaked out, don’t do it when you are alone…you may see some amazing things!

Now back to the question – Do we all look the same in Past Lives?

Sometimes we do.  The energy of our Soul and our Soul Level truth becomes more powerful with each reincarnation.

As that occurs and reoccurs, certain Soul Level Attributes help to form our physical appearance.  For example, if we continue to develop our bodies through physical focus and work such as running, athletics and dance – our Soul will continue to bring our attributes through into our currently (and next) incarnated bodies.

Actors and actresses, if they continue to live in the energy of having a focus on being known by their face and their way of doing things, well, this will generate the energy of a consistent appearance more so than some other Soul Level Activities.

For example, a librarian (such as Sarah) will have clear, far-seeing eyes and a deep knowledge or awareness of books, the arts, and authors because those are the attributes she has been repeating over lifetimes.

What Akashic Attributes do you want to repeat or grow into more deeply to enrich your current life?

That is the question!

Ready for a spirited geeky discussion? I'm all ears.

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