In love with someone from a Past Life? – Akashic Messages from Another Life

Past Life Love Energy?

Have you ever felt a deep strong connection with someone that overrode all reason and thought?  I know I have.

Even if it isn’t the time and place…you find yourself having feelings for a person that are completely surprising and even completely out of place.

But why do we love someone without any reason – could there be a Past Life connection?

I love this song recently released from Caleb Johnson (last year’s American Idol winner) called Another Life.  It got me to thinking about Past Life Love Energy.

The words to this song are so compelling – apart from Caleb’s artistry as a singer which is amazing.

Wonder what his past lives were?!   I thought it would be interesting to write some of the words out and ask my Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones for information.  Here goes…

A moving picture show that’s in my mind, all black and white, shakes your soul and makes you cry – we had it all – and let it die

My Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones say

It is the energy imprinted on the soul from many lifetimes that allows us to explore and know love and to trust that we will love again even – if we think it can’t possibly happen to us again after all our hurts, injuries and history.

We do deserve love.  The Akashic Energy reminds us that we are worthy of love, since the three basic tenets of the Akash are Judge Not, Fear Not, Resist Not. 

When we avoid any of these three blocks we CAN love without judgement, without fear of the fact that our love may not be returned and without resistance of the flow of the Energy of Love.

Maybe it’s a another time, maybe it’s another day, maybe it’s another life for you and me

When we sense another’s energy as Past Life Love we will know because it leaps out of our hearts right at us.  There can be no mistake – only denial and chatter from the brain that the heart does not really know its’ own truth. 

We are here, we have leaned into the Wind of Birth to live our lives and love our loves.  Whether there are Red Flags or no in a relationship we love that person anyway before any of the other considerations come into play.  That is the message of the Energy of Love. 

We often meet people and sense potentials – when we do this, the energy is softer and contains more of a sense of exploration rather than desperation!   The desperation comes from the Soul’s urge to connect and clear karma, loss or pain. 

Do your best as incarnated humans to understand this and love will be easier and far less complicated.  That’s a lot to ask of you, we know. 🙂

What if tomorrow was the first day that we met?  And what if tomorrow was a day we could forget – I’d make you light up in the dark – paint the sky and leave a mark – so that everyone could see what would never be…

The Soul’s urge pulls us together electromagnetically – there is a strong, otherworldly pull to be together even if it isn’t wise.  What can we learn from this feeling and from the potentials it represents? 

Can we breathe into the space and inquire what we may learn before jumping?   Or we can jump!  There are many lives to live and work out the energy knots. 

We know there will be a great life or at the very least a great experience between us because our souls sense each other.  That is the truth of it.

Cause I know that what we hold is the greatest story never told

All love stories are the greatest stories.  They have been told in many ways and through many life themes as varied and sparkling as a crystal, as dark and deep as outer space and as complex and many layered as a deep dark void or black hole. 

The Energy is still love and still flows eternally.  It is our job to tell the stories and retell them as we work out the knots, blocks and obstacles placed in the way of pure Love on this planet.  And so it is.

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