A week in the life of a Lightworker, blogger, mom…and manifesting butterflies

Busy week for a Lightworker, blogger, mom…

It’s Friday and it’s been a busy week!

Online, I feel I’ve achieved a lot… I

Will Bowen is the ‘Complaint Free’ guy, I wrote that post in early September of 2011 – great to know that posts from the past can still get attention.  🙂  Gives a blogger hope.

Invited to join a community of over 100 other Kansas women bloggers.

E3 (ECubed) is helping me shift my energy even more…

I never did buy E2, Pam’s previous book, but this one is helping already.

Essentially what Pam teaches are very simple and practical ways to use our energy in ways that many people have been trying to explain for at least 100 years.

Pam has a way of simplifying the work and writing with great clarity…

“”The fact that you are connected to everyone and everything in the Universe is not just mind-blowing news.  It’s something you should be using.  The fact that your thoughts are energy waves being broadcast out into this giant field of infinite potentiality is something you should be more aware of and deploying on a moment-by-moment basis.  Some might even suggest we’ve squandered 100 years merely poking at these principles, discussing them at the water cooler rather than actively using them to make our world, our lives and our relationships better.”

Pam Grout E-Cubed: Nine More Energy Experiments That Prove Manifesting Magic and Miracles Is Your Full-Time Gig

So I started with a simple exercise Pam refers to from E2, manifesting butterflies.

She helps us remember that the FP or Field of Potential is really, really real and not just stuff of fiction.  Now as an EMF Balancing Technique Practitioner and Akashic Records Reader I do know these things for myself, honest I do…but often only apply the energy and intention in the case of clients.

Pam reminds us to work with the FP in everyday life.  The Field is responsive…I have been told by other teachers that it’s answer is always


It’s just that as humans raised with all our preexisting belief systems programmed into us, we choose to think that Yes means Yes and No means No

So if the Field of Potential does always say yes…it’s truly our responsibility to become aware of our brain bias, our emotional state and the filters we have in place.

If you are still with me then this means that you are at the very least open to a new paradigm…or just plain curious.

Manifesting Butterflies

So I chose the really simple exercise to start with…Manifesting Butterflies.  I thought this would be a good place to start since Pam says many people have contacted her after E2 asking if they can ‘Turn the butterflies off!’

During the day that I asked the FP to send me butterflies (Monday 12th January 2015) I…

  1. Went to yoga, very crowded class, slipped in behind a lady with an orange yoga mat covered in butterflies!
  2. Went shopping to my local store, in the office aisle I found myself standing in front of a whole case of butterfly stickers.
  3. I belong to a Facebook group called Soulfully Inspired…went in there to check out the latest posts.  One of our members very recently passed and a friend of hers had just posted a picture of a very unusual butterfly which had flown into the house.  We all felt it was a sign from our dear friend who has passed.
  4. At that point I turned the butterflies off!  (Take your focus of attention strongly to something else and that should do it).

The butterfly effect

During all this time I was working through the above list, plus helping my oldest through the flu using natural remedies and getting (at least a little) laundry done.  Oh and I got a lovely testimonial from a client who has just completed my Akashic Foundations Coaching Course.

I believe that even just ‘chatting’ with the FP a little bit has had a butterfly effect in other areas (‘scuse the pun).

I’ve have more re-tweets and growth on Twitter during the last week than I’ve had in a month.

I like to think it’s because I cleared a lot of negative energy out of my Twitter list…I found a serious of fake accounts and un-followed them as well as getting my list organized so that Twitter becomes a good read.

What do you think?

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