The Tweet of God

Better Lists, Better Twitter Experience Twitter

After tidying up my Twitter followers and lists last week, I find I am having a lovely time on Twitter.

As Stephen Fry says, Twitter is great because if you don’t like somebody…you can simply block them.  There’s none of the concern about friends/family or known people being upset, surprised…or even noticing that you friended/unfriended somebody.


I learn a lot on Twitter, sometimes find clients and thoroughly enjoy #Blogchat, which was my first ever Twitter chat group.

I drop in there quite often on a Sunday night and often learn a lot about #blogging.  Blogchat is is hosted by the debonair @MackCollier.   It’s fair to say I’ve learned as much about blogging at #blogchat as I have going to a Bloggy conference, and that’s saying something…all from the comfort of your own living room.

Mindful Media

I also enjoy popping in and out of #SuperSoulSunday feeds on a Sunday and checking out their great programming. If you’re into modern spirituality and spiritual practice both ancient AND modern…guaranteed you’ll learn a lot.

Celebrities are of course fun to follow on Twitter

Some just have a weird fascination…others are truly funny and fun.

@RickyGervais is often very amusing. Let’s face it, he was always amusing.   My business partner had a pic from this video as her screensaver when this series came out.

Ricky is a self-confessed atheist…I think – still, he follows the Tweet of God @TheTweetofGod.  I just happened to see this retweet of God’s and laughed and laughed.

Whoever is behind this Twitter account is a genuis…or perhaps God, who knows?  TheTweetofGod only follows one other twitter user and has 1.7m followers.  So who does God follow?

@JustinBeiber, of course.

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