Hershey vs Cadburys – it’s all a ball of wax

Lawsuit – Hershey vs Cadburys

A local supplier who shall remain nameless informed me recently that Hershey raised a lawsuit against Cadbury’s to prevent the import of some of their products.

The essence of the lawsuit is that Hershey do not want British imports of Cadburys chocolate competing with their US versions…but they cloaked this in other words, of course.  A wolf in chocolate clothing.

What’s the difference between Cadburys chocolate (US version) and Cadburys chocolate UK?

For those of us in the know (and for you reader…about to be in the know) the main difference is the edible wax.

British chocolate is designed for a colder climate and so wax is not required.  Unless it’s a “scorcher” in the UK or you left your choccie bar in the car – your Cadburys chocolate will not melt in your house or even in your cupboard.

Heat + British chocolate in the US = a gooey mess

In the US it’s a different matter though.  As a Brit abroad on the Kansas prairie I can tell you that Cadburys chocolate does not undergo the rigors of the American climate well.   I have personally road-tested this fact in the grand states of Maryland, California and Kansas.   Cadburys chocolate melts under fire.

Wax on, Wax off

In the US Cadburys chocolate is manufactured by Hershey under the Cadburys label and edible wax is added to prevent a melt-down.   All well and good…unless you are a British chocolate lover like me – you won’t notice that the added wax completely changes the mouth-feel and flavo(ur) of the product.   Yuk!

So there are many British stores (and other suppliers such as the World Market) which offer some British chocolate direct from the UK, wax off.   All well-informed chocolate users know that in the summer months they need to trot their Cadbury’s and other British chocolate promptly home and pop it in the fridge.   And then put the kettle on…

Why the lawsuit? Sounds a lot like Chiken to me

IMHO Hershey’s are probably naffed-off that Cadburys (un-waxed) chocolate is doing so well.  They are weebling on about a British chocolate wrapper for Toffee Crisp looking the same as the Hershey Reese’s product.

To me this sounds unsurprisingly similar to Chick-Fil-A’s class action against Bo Muller Moore, a Vermont garage t-shirt maker who’s ‘Eat More Kale’ t-shirt was thought to ‘confuse’ Chick-Fil-A’s customers who were told to ‘Eat Mor Chiken’ by Chick-Fil-A’s cows.

As if people weren’t confused enough by the cows recommending we eat ‘Chiken’ in the first place.   Chick-Fil-A recently backed out of that lawsuit by the way.   Hooray for the small business person. I feel proud that I helped to back Bo’s movie about this whole showdown which should be sometime early in 2016.

Other than us consumers (sniff) the other people who were likely to suffer from this lawsuit are small businesses who import Cadburys chocolate directly. Fortunately this particular lawsuit was dropped fairly quickly.

Quit whining and wax off

I think Hershey should stop whining and take their hand out of Cadburys candy jar.   Cadburys chocolate with wax in tastes awful to my European taste buds, frankly.   As a Brit I can’t get used to the flavo(u)r of Hershey’s chocolate and don’t see why I should have to.  Each to their own.  Land of the free, including a free market and all – that’s what makes the US great, right?

I guess disgruntled Brits could stage a protest and throw a bunch of Hersheys bars into Boston Harbo(u)r.

Or we could just let small businesses get on with what they do best – serving customers – and get back to what really matters – eating good chocolate, whichever brand you like the best.

6 thoughts on “Hershey vs Cadburys – it’s all a ball of wax

  1. I did some research into this and found out that in the UK neither Cadbury’s (confirmation pending but 99.9% sure) don’t use wax and Hershey’s don’t use wax in any of their chocolates, certain brands use various waxes as a glaze. I think the main reason that Cadbury and Hershey differ so much in taste is quality of ingredients and cocoa mass present. In the UK a minimum of 25% Solid/Butter must make up the bar in order to be called chocolate. In the USA, I don’t have the exact figure, it is much lower.
    Of course my findings are specific to the UK/EU, but I contacted Hershey’s who import direct from the USA.

    Check out my findings if you want.

    The VC


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