An Akashic Message about Ascended Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones


Akashic Messages – when starting to Read your Records keep it simple

As I learned about reading the Akashic Records one of my teachers (Linda Howe) taught us wisely that initially when giving readings we should just focus on describing the energy of the Records – and not to try and bring in any other types of energy work or spiritual connection until we were more comfortable with the energy of the Records.

Then the Ascended Masters started coming in during Akashic Records Readings

Recently I’ve had two experiences with clients and two for myself where Ascended Masters have made themselves known during readings.

Unless extra energy is required, anyone who is having a reading receives energy from their specific Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones as a sort of ‘combo’ deal during a reading.

Any Ascended Masters (who may have lived on Earth before), Teachers (who may, or may not) and Loved Ones (those friends or family who have passed on in this life time) usually represent themselves as a number of beings of light, sending us energy which is described by an Akashic Records Reader – and that’s the main job of a reader along with channeling the energy through the crown chakra, to the heart chakra and then into the client’s heart chakra.

Edgar Cayce and the Akashic Records

When Edgar Cayce (a well-known Akashic Records Reader in the ’30s) used to open the Akashic Records he did so for diagnostic purposes and would put himself in a light trance.

Then he’d find himself floating upwards through a number of different realms until he entered a vibrational realm called the Hall of Records.

There he would be handed a book by a Light Being and from this book he could read about health issues for the client.

Edgar Cayce’s main skill was to offer diagnostic readings for clients to help them get well. His suggestions and ideas are still incorporated by many doctors today.

 So how and why do extra energies come in? And why would this be necessary? 

I decided to ask my Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones.

They say…

When the time is right certain Masters will appear to you or to clients. This may be hard to believe but these agreements have been made long before you leaned into the Wind of Birth.

If people are ready to work with their energy, the Masters will appear.

In Sarah’s case she needed help with managing energy in the body and also some help being able not to take on other people’s energies during readings.

She is also becoming an inspirational writer so Archangel Gabriel (aka the Messenger Angel) is very present with her right now. She has also been working with Serapis Bey to clear out old ideas and energies (resulting sometimes in not feeling attached to anything much!) and Merlin in order to understand how effective she can be as an Energy Healer.

Those of you that have received energy sessions face to face with her or remotely can attest to this.

 Why have Ascended Masters started coming in for clients?

You are ready Sarah, having done so much Akashic practice, to hold a greater energetic charge for clients. Their soul level truth holds the energetic markers from which Ascended Masters, Angels or energies will make themselves known.

You just need to be the channel, the conduit and enable the excellent connection you have with the Records, we do the rest!  

Just think of it like files waiting in the cloud to be found with a search engine and downloaded into the client’s dropbox!

The analogy is very fitting. The readings are going to become more and more interesting as time goes by. Keep working with the Ascended Master Card deck and keep reading and learning about the Masters and the Angels.

This is how you will work with them. In the light of the Akash and the golden sparkling energy of our Higher Self paths to the soul. xxxx

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