Akashic Message – we are the bridge generation – we are the first ones awakening

Akashic Message – we are the bridge generation

Michael Bernard Beckwith and Linda Howe discuss the Akashic Records work and her new book…

Discover Your Soul’s Path Through the Akashic Records: Taking Your Life from Ordinary to ExtraOrdinary.


As you explore the Records and you see that you collaborated with the body you have, the journey that you are on, the people that around you then there’s much more freedom there, less fear and now the journey has less resistance.


I know for myself and I know for many of us that we are raised in traditional religion. 

The best idea that we had about ourselves is that we were sinners, so God was going to save us.  This is changing very quickly.

In a very short period of time it’s almost a shock – oh well wait a minute!  That essentially there’s nothing wrong.


Right there is nothing intrinsically wrong with us and that particular concept will be in a religious museum one day – people will look at it and say

‘Humanity believed what??’ 


“I know I know but see…we are the bridge generation, we are the first ones awakening

You know my mother and her mother come from a long line of very religious minded people, wonderful people right and the idea was that they were bad and God was good!

But this is the first generation of  secular people to have the conscious awareness of our own essential goodness

This is the most radical time in human awakening at this scale because it’s not just a handful of people on the planet…we have humanity sweeping the globe in its awakening.

To hear the totality of this podcast, click this link>>>

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