Mistakes most new podcasters make

Creating a new podcast feed?  Don’t rush it

So a while back, October 2013 I had made a new podcast feed using Feedburner and published a few podcasts over time.

Recently I found myself in a spiritually creative space where I wanted to create more…and so I did!  At some point though, my Feedburner Feed stopped updating.

Since I’d used (at the time) a fairly classic method to set up my podcast feed, using Categories and WordPress and Feedburner, I didn’t initially notice.

Once I started using the Blubrry WordPress plugin properly though and thinking about other places where I could publish my podcast feed however, I noticed that my feed was not updating anywhere.  Oh dear.

Mistakes many new podcasters make

I rushed it.  I did some things right and some things wrong.  A feed that doesn’t update however is about as good as a chocolate teapot.

Here’s some mistakes I made, I hope they may help you on your creative journey.

  1. I used the Feedburner feed as my published feed for iTunes, Blubrry etc.
  2. I added too many pictures and links to my podcast post pages at Mom On A Spiritual Journey and they caused errors.
  3. I managed to create an invalid feed which I then had to untangle.

In order to untangle this mess, I found some useful links and developed some new skills.  And spent a day tearing a little of my hair out, but I got there!

You don’t need to use Feedburner unless you want to!

I didn’t realize this until after I read all the documentation for the Blubrry wordpress plugin.  You can publish a podcast using your own podcast feed such as


You can still create a Feedburner feed later using your site’s proprietary podcast link if it’s useful for you in other places.

Keep your podcast post page simple if you are broadcasting from an existing blog

Too many pictures cause errors for your feed and could possibly invalidate it, causing you some time figuring out which pictures to delete from previous podcasts posts.

Some HTML is disliked by feeds too.

Keep it simple and you won’t have to use this feed validator over and over to figure out what you did wrong like I did.


An invalid feed will not update

I had got too clever too fast with my feed and caused problems with publishing.  Once I simplified my blog posts (and I also had to remove my ico file – the little file that gives my blog site an icon in browsers) and took out extraneous links, all was well.

That was a relief.

Mistakes most new podcasters make

Well, those were my mistakes.  I hope the resources here will be useful for someone else working with the same head-scratcher.

I also found ProBlogger’s approach very useful.   Here are some links that you may find helpful on the podcasting journey.


(Definitely use the Stitcher app to publicize your podcasts – they are really helping my viewing figures).


Using Blubrry Powerpress to create a podcast straight from your WordPress blog.


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