How can I talk with my Loved Ones?

How can I talk with my loved ones – when I may have no information about them?

Loved Ones who have passed – many of us have them and have wondered if it would help or comfort us to have a psychic mediumship reading.

Having met other psychic mediums, my view is that they access information psychically in a very specific way.

I’ve seen John Edward (one of my favorite psychic mediums) 3 times in large gallery readings, and in a smaller group once.

Psychic mediums generally read in a very body-based manner, so when a person has a Loved One visiting, a psychic medium can take on the body feelings of the Loved One through their Personal Energy Field, to be able to express their energy verbally, which the Loved One can no longer do, not having a body!

Who ate the goldfish?

My favorite John Edward episode on Crossing Over was when he literally went green and asked the audience “Who ate the goldfish?”.

A guy raised his hand and said he had done it to upset his little sister when he was a kid! John Edward hates fish so sensed the taste of the goldfish transmitted by the Loved One and instantly went green.

That’s how extremely physical psychic mediumship can be.

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