The real reasons people are scared of psychic mediums

Psychic mediums – are you scared to go and see one?

As someone who has sensed unusual energies around me since age 3, I have often been surprised by the intense nature of public hatred and scorn directed at psychic mediums and spiritual coaches.

Psychic mediums especially seem to get a bad rap, being called anything from ‘ambulance chasers’ to charlatans, and being seen as immoral entrepreneurs who prey on the innocent, the lost and the grieving. Just check out some of the nastier comments online directed at people like John Edward and Tyler Henry.

Sure, some psychic mediums are just playing people

Now in some cases that may be true. As is true of some lawyers, dentists, salespeople and of course, con artists and thieves.

Yet a lot of con artists get the star treatment in movies – Ocean’s Eleven being a prime example.

One of the latest movies in this genre which was very well made, well acted and amusing – Going In Style – told the story of three older men who decide to rob a bank because they have been maltreated during their long working lives by losing pensions they had worked hard to create through no fault of their own.

For many of us, getting back at ‘the man’ is therapeutic in many ways. And if there is a Robin Hoodesque element, so much the better.

But that is a whole other Akashic story that has continued to weave through the tapestries of our incarnated lives, here on Earth.

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