The World Family Tree, DNA and our Akashic Records

We have a World Family Tree, and it is being assembled

Just this week I read a story in People Magazine about the World Family Tree.

(OK so I’ll admit it, I enjoy People magazine — it’s a guilty pleasure! Not only do I learn about famous people’s Akashic stories, but those classic archetypal circumstances and life lessons that repeat over and over). Plus, it’s mental wallpaper!

world family treeIn the article, author A.J. Jacobs reports working with scientists to assemble a family tree of relations more than 260 million people in size. Just for reference, our current planetary population is at approximately the 7.5 billion mark, give or take a few transitions or births, so from that perspective the project still has a little way to go in order to document the connections between everybody incarnated here currently.

A.J. Jacobs has written a book about his quest so far, It’s All Relative: Adventures Up and Down the World’s Family Tree.

From his research to date the author says he learned 5 things

1. We all have black sheep, and that’s a good thing
2. At least one of our ancestors is a Neanderthal
3. The World Family Tree is the ultimate social network
4. We are all mutts
5. We are all related.

The World Family Tree, DNA and our Akashic Records

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