Akashic Stargate Sessions

New!  Stargate Akashic Sessions

This is a Stargate, created by another Soul on the Spiritual Journey called Prageet Harris.

He designed his first Stargate to help people change their states of consciousness and created it by feel as he cut copper pipes.  There was a certain ‘buzz’ in his hands when the proportions were right.

My Stargate is a mini version (have Stargate, will travel!).  Prageet has several stargates at his Mount Shasta home, some are big enough for up to 20 people to sit inside!

Latest from the New World Energetics blog Akashic Stargate Sessions – New Energy, New Thought, New World Energetics Akashic Stargate Sessions help us connect to the higher 12th-dimensional energies such as Ascended Masters, Angelic Beings, and even Star Beings. Experience an Akashic Stargate Session with Sarah. Continue reading The post Akashic Stargate Sessions appeared first on New World Energetics – Akashic Records Readings with Sarah. http://ow.ly/82mo50hhEH6

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