How Highly Sensitive People and Empaths deal with trauma

Trauma and the Highly Sensitive Person and/or Empath

Clearing trauma is something many people are awakening to on their spiritual journey.   Initially, it may sound simple, but like many aspects of personal growth, it isn’t always easy.

Many of us have been raised in cultures which allow no space for recognition of trauma simply by not acknowledging it, whether that is through lack of awareness via the culture, the family of origin, or both.

For example, I was raised in a small British village by two parents who had truly awful childhoods for one reason or another, and who were both young adults during the Second World War.  Both of them had to learn how to deal with stress and pain without acknowledging it openly.  As their child I learned their lessons well.

From the British culture, there was (and probably still is) the oft-spoken energetic instruction of ‘the stiff upper lip’.

From, the meaning of ‘keep a stiff upper lip’ is defined as

Remain resolute and unemotional in the face of adversity, or even tragedy.

It was an instruction to power on through and manage whatever came a person’s way without demonstrating emotion.  (Interesting to note – the origin of this phrase may have actually come from the US culture!).

Of course, this instruction originally came from a place of want and need, where people needed to survive and found a very effective way to do so.


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