Boardman Bots Attack through Google Analytics

Attacked just because I changed my theme

Last month I worked on a new theme from Thrives Themes for my New World Energetics service site.

I really like Thrive Themes so far, having elected to work with their products for opt-in lists, landing pages and themes.

As soon as I changed my theme to the Thrive Themes Focus Blog theme…an attack started on my site.

I didn’t think it was an attack at first, just more views!

Like many bloggers, at first, I was excited to see a rise in viewing figures.  After a few days of increasingly high visits, which made my bounce rate increase, I realized all was not well in Kansas, Toto.

So I checked out Google Analytics and discovered repeated ‘visits’ (if you can call them that) from Boardman, OR.

After some research (e.g. googling), I discovered that Boardman is the site of some Amazon servers.

I didn’t really get it, but for some reason, Amazon was sucking juice from my site.


More Googling

After more googling, I came across these links which helped me fix the problem.

Do you have Bots in your Google Analytics Data?

Solved: an Unusual amount of traffic from Boardman, Oregon

Eliminating Bot Traffic from Google Analytics Once and For All

It took a few days, but the Bots have gone away.  Back to normal viewing figures, which are a lot more welcome.

One thought on “Boardman Bots Attack through Google Analytics

  1. Thanks for writing this, as the Boardman bot has been mystifying me for months. We’ve been experiencing the same thing on an ecommerce website on and off. The Boardman bots scrape a ton of category listings and products. Very annoying, but maybe this is how Amazon does their pricing analysis for products they offer on their own site?

    I wouldn’t even really mind it, can’t prevent scrapers and all. But the Boardman Amazon bot doesn’t need to trigger Google Analytics, does it? Seems excessive, especially as the bot is hitting 30-40 pages at any given time for hours at a time. Then it disappears/reappears in a few weeks.


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