Boardman Bots Attack through Google Analytics

Attacked just because I changed my theme

Last month I worked on a new theme from Thrives Themes for my New World Energetics service site.

I really like Thrive Themes so far, having elected to work with their products for opt-in lists, landing pages and themes.

As soon as I changed my theme to the Thrive Themes Focus Blog theme…an attack started on my site.

I didn’t think it was an attack at first, just more views!

Like many bloggers, at first, I was excited to see a rise in viewing figures.  After a few days of increasingly high visits, which made my bounce rate increase, I realized all was not well in Kansas, Toto.

So I checked out Google Analytics and discovered repeated ‘visits’ (if you can call them that) from Boardman, OR.

After some research (e.g. googling), I discovered that Boardman is the site of some Amazon servers.

I didn’t really get it, but for some reason, Amazon was sucking juice from my site.


More Googling

After more googling, I came across these links which helped me fix the problem.

Do you have Bots in your Google Analytics Data?

Solved: an Unusual amount of traffic from Boardman, Oregon

Eliminating Bot Traffic from Google Analytics Once and For All

It took a few days, but the Bots have gone away.  Back to normal viewing figures, which are a lot more welcome.

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