What are Life Themes?

A Life Theme or Life Themes are repeating cycles of circumstances, situations or issues that appear in more than one life as you navigate your experiences here on Earth. As an incarnated Soul, you will have a Life Theme which arises in many lifetimes. These Life Themes will arise either because you have karma to work off, or because the Life Theme is an expression of your Divine Soul Blueprint. Take your time, look through all the images and then select a maximum of two Life Themes. You can discover the Life Theme and message by clicking the plus symbol next to the Life Theme number.

Why is a Life Theme Useful?

A Life Theme reflects the energy of how we are expressing ourselves in the world. If you like, combine a Life Theme choice with an Akashic Records Reading and gain insight on the wisdom recorded there.

To choose from the 22 available Life Themes, read more at this post>>

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