In love with someone from a Past Life? – Akashic Messages from Another Life

Past Life Love Energy?Have you ever felt a deep strong connection with someone that overrode all reason and thought?  I know I have.Even if it isn't the time and find yourself having feelings for a person that are completely surprising and even completely out of place.But why do we love someone without any reason... Continue Reading →


20 Celebrities and Their Past Lives – Do we all look the same in Past Lives?

Do we look like ourselves in Past Lives? I thought this video was fascinating.  So do we all look like our present selves in Past Lives or is it just a gene pool coincidence? I thought I'd pose this question to my Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones within my Akashic Records.  I have had experience... Continue Reading →

Kryon and a Past Present Future lives message for women

Kryon 2014 Channel in Portland, OregonLimitless consciousness of who you can be...what it means to be a human being...The Akashic MessageEmulation of the sweet spirit of the feminine on the planet is the secret to Peace On Earth, and you know it.Don't limit yourself in the affirmations and the ceremonies to what you think you... Continue Reading →

How Working with Past Lives in the Akashic Records is different than a Past Life Regression

Past Lives, Past Life Regressions and the Akashic RecordsYou may have heard of Past Life Regression work when the subject of Past Lives comes up for discussion.I've experienced Past Life Regression work with a colleague here in's pretty much a full body experience and somewhat like a guided mediation...although at some point you are... Continue Reading →

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