I opened the Akashic Records of my pet and this is what happened

Opening the Akashic Records of a pet This is a picture of Pickle, my trusty dachshund enjoying a favorite sunspot.  She has been with us for 3 years now and we believe she is about 8 years old. We rescued her from the Kansas Human Society and she has added so much to our lives,... Continue Reading →


Kryon and a Past Present Future lives message for women

Kryon 2014 Channel in Portland, OregonLimitless consciousness of who you can be...what it means to be a human being...The Akashic MessageEmulation of the sweet spirit of the feminine on the planet is the secret to Peace On Earth, and you know it.Don't limit yourself in the affirmations and the ceremonies to what you think you... Continue Reading →

An Akashic Message about Creative Energy

An Akashic Message about Creative EnergyPatricia Evans writes in 'Verbal Abuse Survivors Speak Out'The Creative Force is itself invisible and unseen, yet it has impelled the creation of music, art, poetry, literature and dance--works that resonate in the souls of millions born after. These works ripple out into future time, changing and shaping and bringing... Continue Reading →

The Akashic Message of Peace

Creating peace, an Akashic Attribute We can create peace with our questions and our language (a powerful Akashic attribute).Nonviolent communicator Marshal Rosenberg and world peace advocator explains how. Nonviolent communication - transcriptQ: In your 40 years of mediating conflicts between warring factions around the world, what's the most important thing that you do that creates... Continue Reading →

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