How to manage your emotional triggers

Do you have emotional triggers? I believe we all have emotional triggers, being able to handle them and engage our mental body at the same time that the emotional body is reacting and responding is one of the steps to conscious awareness and personal growth. It’s all very well knowing about this, but how can... Continue Reading →


Universal Karmic Law – energy taken creates consequences

Karmic Law of energy #1 – you can’t take from others by osmosis – without a karmic consequence! There are many interesting concepts I receive as I regularly work with the energy of the Akashic Records, both for myself and for clients, one of the most fascinating is the concept of karmic law. Over time I... Continue Reading →

Women in the US, stop looking at me with your zigzag eyes and treat me as a sister

Cultural objectification Just read this beautiful and eye-opening article by Maria Catt at the Tusk - Wild Creatures. Thank you so much for sharing your stories Maria. The livestock competition as you so aptly put it started thousands of years ago with kings and men deciding how women should look in each culture.  Search for... Continue Reading →

Depth photo challenge – Keeper of the Plains, Wichita KS

Wichita, KS and the confluence of the big and little Arkansas Rivers - the Keeper of the Plains Depth - Strolling along the Arkansas River in downtown Wichita during the recent heatwave. I love seeing the sunset from the Keeper of the Plains. The Keeper of the Plains is a 13.4 metres (44 ft) Cor-Ten... Continue Reading →

A Poem From the Future

I particularly like the part about Reiki and meditation being real.

I believe if we balance our energy we can have a truly beautiful future. Today I saw somebody drive through Starbucks and use their phone to pay. Life is getting simpler in some ways and yet more complex in others. Somebody from 100 years ago appearing in our present would need to have so much explained to them to be able to function in our current modern lives!

I have faith that we’ll get there. After all, we are here.

Editor’s note: This poem kicks off a new “Question Worth Asking” series: “How weird will the future be?” First up: a piece from poet and TED Fellow Ben Burke.

[Dear Helen- So sorry. Didn’t have time to write that poem. But my future self sent me one yesterday. So we’re good. Crazy, right? It’s totally legit and actually from the future, so no need to double-check, you’re probably too busy anyway. Happy New Year!  – Ben Burke]



I arrived in the basket that was weaved here before me
And I stayed in any place with a roof that would store me
I have lots of belongings
But didn’t pack for the trip
I got here, they put pants on me
And then the world gave me the slip

I’ve lived as slowly as…

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