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I manage multiple sites through the Jetpack plugin so being able to update from WordPress.com too is awesome.

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My Sites just got a new look, but more importantly, it got a technical overhaul, making the page dramatically faster and more powerful.

From one central location, scan and select any of your WordPress sites or create new ones with the support of a more visual interface. Head directly to the posts or pages of a particular WordPress or launch stats to glimpse trends and get inspiration for blog or website content.  Access themes, user settings, and sharing options with a click to make WordPress your own.

The new My Sites page is a small piece of a larger effort to make WordPress.com faster, easier to use from any device, and overall more wonderful. My Sites will be a hub for an increasingly seamless experience, so stay tuned for more updates, and please pardon the dust as we make a few changes!

My Sites: Before & After

My Sites: Before My Sites: Before

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The Gossip by Ghostpool – a news based WordPress Theme

The Gossip WordPress theme by Ghostpool   I recently got that itchy feeling around my blog theme for Mom On A Spiritual Journey.  I have used the Thesis Theme for a few years now and love the features. It's just that the image inside my head for the website didn't fit the one I could... Continue Reading →

One Theme, Five Ways: Customizing Adelle

Great way to demonstrate how a free blog theme can be personalized..

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adelle-showcaseAdelle is a popular free theme — our 47th most popular, to be exact. You’ve probably seen its familiar pink dots, bold menu bar, and pops of magenta as you catch up with your favorite blogs.

Don’t be fooled by Adelle‘s distinctive look, though: there’s a lot more to this theme than polka dots, as these five bloggers ably demonstrate.


Blogger Elaine chose Adelle for the cleverly-named MomJeanz, then gave it a complete makeover using only free options available to any blogger:


She uploaded a custom header image and swapped out Adelle‘s dots for her own textured background. Everything else stays the same — layout, fonts, colors — but the theme becomes uniquely hers.

(If a custom header image seems beyond your technical or design chops, we’ve got a tutorial that will help you create one in less than fifteen minutes, no special software required. We’ve also got leads…

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