Akashic Message – we are the bridge generation – we are the first ones awakening

Akashic Message - we are the bridge generationMichael Bernard Beckwith and Linda Howe discuss the Akashic Records work and her new book...Discover Your Soul’s Path Through the Akashic Records: Taking Your Life from Ordinary to ExtraOrdinary.MichaelAs you explore the Records and you see that you collaborated with the body you have, the journey that you... Continue Reading →


A greater meaning for the Akashic awakening of human memories

Why are we becoming aware of the Akashic Records in greater numbers now?I was very happy to see that this blog passed the 10,000 views mark yesterday!  For a small blog, where I don't write very often that is quite an achievement.A while back when I was waiting for an Akashic Coaching Client to arrive,... Continue Reading →

Unique and yet the same – an Akashic Message from a Snowflake

Photo from my iPad - original art by Heather Brewster Akashic Message about Unity and The One - SnowflakesI have a card deck app that I love from a lady called Debbie A. Anderson...the deck is called the Vibrational Energy Oracle Card Deck.I gave myself an 11 card reading the other day and the card... Continue Reading →

Kryon and a Past Present Future lives message for women

Kryon 2014 Channel in Portland, OregonLimitless consciousness of who you can be...what it means to be a human being...The Akashic MessageEmulation of the sweet spirit of the feminine on the planet is the secret to Peace On Earth, and you know it.Don't limit yourself in the affirmations and the ceremonies to what you think you... Continue Reading →

Akashic Message – dream any dream you wanted to dream

Let's suppose you could dream any dream you wanted to dreamPost by Collective Evolution.TranscriptIf you awaken from this illusion and you understand that black implies white, self implies other, life implies death - or shall I say death implies life - you can feel yourself - not as a stranger in the world, not as... Continue Reading →

The Akashic Message of Peace

Creating peace, an Akashic Attribute We can create peace with our questions and our language (a powerful Akashic attribute).Nonviolent communicator Marshal Rosenberg and world peace advocator explains how. Nonviolent communication - transcriptQ: In your 40 years of mediating conflicts between warring factions around the world, what's the most important thing that you do that creates... Continue Reading →

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