The Personal Energy Practice

The Personal Energy Practice – my other, other (other?) blog…

I’ve been writing the Personal Energy Practice blog since…sometime in 2010.  Here’s the link if you want to take a gander.

I’ve been interested in our Personal Energy fields since I became aware of them, as a child, with no words for the phenomenon and then as an adult who found other adults with similar experiences and realized it wasn’t just me who could see/feel/sense them!

IMHO we all have Personal Energy Fields and modern equipment is just beginning to be able to detect them

Our Personal Energy Fields comprise of a number of factors which a little while ago I put into this info-graphic.

personal energy practice

One of my life missions is to enable more people simply to understand that we DO have a Personal Energy Field and that we can work with it to empower ourselves

I also like blogging and technical stuff!

Feel free to chat with me if this info-graphic piques your interest…

Ready for a spirited geeky discussion? I'm all ears.

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