Unique and yet the same – an Akashic Message from a Snowflake

Photo from my iPad - original art by Heather Brewster Akashic Message about Unity and The One - SnowflakesI have a card deck app that I love from a lady called Debbie A. Anderson...the deck is called the Vibrational Energy Oracle Card Deck.I gave myself an 11 card reading the other day and the card... Continue Reading →


An Akashic Message about Verbal Abuse

An Akashic Message about Verbal AbuseVerbal abuse against women was originally created by men as a safety net for women, to protect and nurture us against all ills.From cavemen/tribal times onwards, the world has been a risky place for men, yet an even riskier place for women. Men literally had to fight off other men,... Continue Reading →

The Akashic Records and our DNA – Akashic Messages

The Akashic Records - in your DNA?¬†¬†Once I became consciously aware of the Akashic Records I started to pay attention to other accounts of people's experiences within the Akashic Records.One area that really resonates for me is the accounts of the Akash from Lee Carroll. Lee Carroll and the Akashic WorkI've been following Lee Caroll's... Continue Reading →

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