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This month's useful links, tips and posts from my travels around the interwebs. Strictly from my brain bias! And look, I completed the excerpt field. Why does it have a 'p' in it?


My 3 most useful WordPress Plugins to date (2010-2014)

WordPress Plugins! Ooh I just love a bit of a tinkerer...could play with them all day...but which ones are really the MOST useful from my 4 years of blogging experience so far? Always Google-ing WordPress Plugins I'm often google-ing to see what new plugins are out there. It's amazing what people can think up... Continue Reading →

Displet Pop, weird name, really excellent free lightbox wordpress plugin

Sometimes it takes me a while to get the message...Displet Pop is helping with sign-ups I've blogged for three years, initially for therapeutic purposes. Now that the kids are older and I have more time, thinking about how I can make an online business of my skills. Been to Online Business School... Took Marie Forleo's... Continue Reading →

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