Women in the US, stop looking at me with your zigzag eyes and treat me as a sister

Cultural objectification

Just read this beautiful and eye-opening article by Maria Catt at the Tusk – Wild Creatures.

Thank you so much for sharing your stories Maria.

The livestock competition as you so aptly put it started thousands of years ago with kings and men deciding how women should look in each culture.  Search for ‘pics of women in Bogota’ and you will find women with large curvy thighs and butts as well as large boobs (or if they don’t have them, perhaps they will find a way).

In the United States how women look is one of the new ways to achieve cultural nobility – as opposed to the UK where it used to be the family you were born into.  For example, in Henry VIII’s realm, if you were a woman you expected to be looked at as if you were a racehorse and/or a piece of meat – and be thankful for the privilege.

I have found my body type more criticized in the USA than in any other country I have visited or lived.  There is silent criticism with the eyes if nothing else more verbal from many women, and more verbal it can sometimes be.

Many of these sisters are not awake to themselves or others.  I’m glad you are Maria.  Women have been taught this way – it comes in handy when a person needs to reduce a woman’s energy, vibrance and vibration and keep her objectified.

I married a US Navy Pilot

Yes, yes I did.  But without foreknowledge or fair warning of where it might take me with the US sisterhood.  I was raised in a small British village and no-one in my family was connected to the military.  One day when we were still dating my future husband said to me

I really like all of your friends – none of them seem to be bitchy or say anything negative about you.

Ouch.  Wonder why he said that I thought to myself at the time.

Oh.  When I joined the US Navy wives club (unfortunately sometimes referred to as the ‘Navy Knives’ club – hopefully not so much now), I found out.  This was when I discovered the US phenomenon of the zig zag eyed sisterhood.

Zig Zag  Eyes

When another woman sizes you up in the US culture (and they are…literally….sizing you up) watch their eyes.  They zig zag.  Start at the top, face, balance, features, make-up?, state of hair do, breasts, dimensions of breasts, proportion of breasts to waist, size of hips, length of leg, shoes, manicure?, pedicure? and then the resultant facial expression.  Uh oh.  You have just been found wanting.

Whaaaat?  I’ve experienced this behavior many times in the US…and also thank g-d met many friendly women who do not do this.  Just spend some time watching the Kardashians and watch out for their zig zags.  You’ll see it guaranteed…because perfect form and shape is the new nobility.  You have just been scored…and by a woman!

I’m a Brit – if I was still living in the UK I may be hiding my body under a raincoat by now which would at least be more comfortable

As it is in the US I have no way to do that, so I get looked at a lot.  I don’t enjoy many of the looks.  I am a big, tall, woman.  Let’s just leave it at that.

I have two daughters who are US citizens and am working hard with both of them.  I know this generation is getting somewhere.  Both my girls have good appetites and appreciate the value of exercise.  I was very pleased to hear my younger daughter react to a photograph of an older woman in a fashion magazine the other day…she said

Yay!  They haven’t airbrushed the wrinkles out!

Younger women are helping us to wake up to centuries of nasty Akashic Energy and cultural mores which have kept the female human animal in check

It really is time that we asked ourselves why?  Why do we zig zag other women and what does it do for us and our sisters?

I’m hopeful that with many women objecting to airbrushed photographs, more realistic body models being shown in mainstream stores and greater awareness of objectification and sexual abuse, we can start to put this energy to bed and get on with some of the more fun aspects of human existence.

Do you zig zag?

Check yourself next time you look at a magazine article or meet a new woman.  Who put that program in your head?



Have we let these 5 ideas go yet? Akashic Messages

An Akashic Perspective – some old ideas to let go in the New Energy

Where do our ideas come from?  I loved this quote that popped up on my Twitter feed today.

Ideas can become deeply rooted beliefs

Quite a few years ago now I was attending an NLP seminar where the concept of beliefs was being discussed.  One audience member was quite adamant that he held no personal beliefs at all…until the instructor pointed out that he had to hold at least one belief — that he had no beliefs to speak of!

Truth is our brains function as belief engines.  How we begin to understand and interpret the world has a lot to do with beliefs…that the toy will fall from our hands should we let it drop…that when we fall down we can get back up again…all these theories need to be tested until they become beliefs and then we can begin to move through the world as developing humans.

We are busy processing the world as we grow — then along the way we take on beliefs and programming from others that may not serve us in the long run — yet they are processed in our brains unquestioned by us at the time, simply because they are a  belief similar to those that have served us so far.  As to the quality of the idea or belief – we are not in a position to question at the time.

Through the ages we have held many beliefs and stored them in the Akashic Field

Recently I’ve been watching the Stars series The White Queen.

It’s a dramatized story of the War of the Roses, with the Houses of York and Lancaster battling it out for the English throne over several decades.  Great drama, costumes and the stories are (mostly) true.

What interested me most about this series is the nature of the beliefs most of the characters hold.

Here are 5 examples of commonly held beliefs during the era of the War of the Roses

  1. A King is chosen by God and therefore enacts God’s word.
  2. Women automatically forfeit all their riches and estates to whoever they marry.
  3. It is possible to curse someone with your word.
  4. Praying to God for vengeance on your enemies can spin the outcome in your favor.
  5. If women are barren or do not produce sons, it is the woman’s fault.

Which of these 5 beliefs has outlived its’ time?

No. 1.  In most places in the world, Kings or Queens for that matter are no longer seen as the embodiment of God’s word.  Does this idea still serve us?  Is it gone from the Akashic Field?  Perhaps for a while dictators and other spiritual leaders took over this mantel?

No. 2 the concept of a ‘dowry’ or having something to offer your husband still exists in many cultures in the world.  In the West this idea has more or less had its’ day…but many women still act as if they forfeit all their riches to their husband when they marry.  It’s in the Akashic Field, after all.

No 3.  This belief is still out there in many cultures.  A lot of people still believe that curses could harm a person.  Wondering if there is truth in this?  I certainly believe that gossip is a poisonous energetic activity and does no good to anyone, surely curses are worse.  For good or ill, I believe this particular idea still resides in the Akashic Field.

No 4.  In the West we can perhaps assume this doesn’t happen.  There are parts of the world and extreme religious practices where this definitely still does happen.  I’m sure there are members of ISIS who pray for vengeance on their perceived enemies.  Yep, so that idea is still in the Akashic Field.

Well no. 5. we are pretty sure about.  Science now tells us that men, rather than women, influence the sex of a future child.  So we can release that belief from the Akashic Field.  Phew!  We dropped one!  (Mostly).

What ideas would you like to see released from the Akashic Field?  

 Pick 5 and work through them…some ideas have been around a long, long time.