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Between Two Worlds by Tyler Henry – book review

Over the summer break, I recently read Tyler Henry’s book, Between Two Worlds: Lessons from the Other Side.

Tyler is a young and talented medium – only 21 – raised in Hanford, CA and now finding himself Hollywood’s go-to celebrity medium in LA.

His accuracy during readings and his ability to make sense of the way energy is received from those who have passed on is masterful.

For anyone wanting to learn how to connect with Loved Ones or simply to learn more about the phenomenon of mediumship, this book is a must.  Read more>>

Find your yogic self with yoga – not the skinny place

Meet your yogic self on inspirational ground

Find your yogic self.

Flicking through my Yoga magazine today I saw a lot of toned bodies. I saw an article entitled “Cheat, drink and still shrink!”  Plus lots of very pretty yoga outfits, women having coffee with their yoga outfits on. Namaste right here, girl.

Ack. That’s what I call Skinny Yoga. Aspire! Be thin(ner). Be in vogue. Stretch and shrink. Get your designer mat, keep up with the Yogashions, take your vitamins, run, run with the Fitness movement.

But what about your yogic self? Read more>>


Dream Interpretation – where to start?

Dream interpretation from our many different dreams can become a useful resource on the spiritual journey.  To reach dreaming state, our brains go through a complex series of events or stages in order to be able to dream.

During the majority of the time when we fall asleep our brains are in Slow Wave Sleep (SWS) “characterized by large, slow brain waves, relaxed muscles and slow, deep breathing, which may help the brain and body to recuperate after a long day” (Scientific American).

After SWS, Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep begins.  The biological reasons for REM sleep are still unknown and remain largely a mystery to the scientific community.

What we do know about REM sleep is that our brains become very active, our breathing and heart rate become erratic, yet our muscles become paralyzed.

This may be one reason why some sleepers refer to the scary phenomenon of ‘sleep paralysis’, where their brain wakes up with a start, but their body is unable to move for a few minutes.

So amongst of this information, when we have dreams, where can we start with dream interpretation?  Read more>>

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