A new way to think about your future

Have you ever tried to predict the future, or had it done for you, and it’s been accurate? If yes, then I’m sure it’s also true that you’ve had experiences of the same that have been totally inaccurate! So is it possible to predict the future? After many years of spiritual study, I would say – in some cases yes, in others, no. Doesn’t that sound like what I said at the beginning? Yes, you are correct. This is not intended to confuse you, but to give you an energetic sense of the changing nature of the future. But here is what I have learned from embodying the energy of the future and how it can help us in the now.


How to manage your emotional triggers

Do you have emotional triggers? I believe we all have emotional triggers, being able to handle them and engage our mental body at the same time that the emotional body is reacting and responding is one of the steps to conscious awareness and personal growth. It’s all very well knowing about this, but how can... Continue Reading →

Akashic Message – we are the bridge generation – we are the first ones awakening

Akashic Message - we are the bridge generationMichael Bernard Beckwith and Linda Howe discuss the Akashic Records work and her new book...Discover Your Soul’s Path Through the Akashic Records: Taking Your Life from Ordinary to ExtraOrdinary.MichaelAs you explore the Records and you see that you collaborated with the body you have, the journey that you... Continue Reading →

An Akashic Message about Ascended Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones

 Akashic Messages - when starting to Read your Records keep it simple As I learned about reading the Akashic Records one of my teachers (Linda Howe) taught us wisely that initially when giving readings we should just focus on describing the energy of the Records - and not to try and bring in any other... Continue Reading →

Have we let these 5 ideas go yet? Akashic Messages

An Akashic Perspective - some old ideas to let go in the New EnergyWhere do our ideas come from?  I loved this quote that popped up on my Twitter feed today."A long habit of not thinking a thing wrong gives it a superficial appearance of being right." - Thomas Paine #leadership— Grant Schreiber (@SchreiberMedia) March... Continue Reading →

A greater meaning for the Akashic awakening of human memories

Why are we becoming aware of the Akashic Records in greater numbers now?I was very happy to see that this blog passed the 10,000 views mark yesterday!  For a small blog, where I don't write very often that is quite an achievement.A while back when I was waiting for an Akashic Coaching Client to arrive,... Continue Reading →

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