Why have an Akashic Records Reading?

Think of the Akashic Records as another state of mind or type of awareness.

When we move into that state of mind, we shift gears from our everyday thinking of dealing with our families, lives, work, survival in general…into…something else.

That something else is our Soul Level Truth.

Soul Level Truths are truths for us that we may, or may not choose to share with another (at least, not in this lifetime!) 🙂

Some examples of Soul Level Truths are…

  •  You eat meat with your family but would secretly rather be a vegetarian
  •  You’ve always hated a particular area of the world (or conversely, loved it) but you have no idea why
  • You have a dear friend that you connected with immediately, from the beginning, as if you have always known them…
  • You will NEVER EVER like (insert person’s name here).  Even though you make every effort to get along, there is just SOMETHING about them that makes you wary…your gut knows, but logic and reason don’t come into it.
  • You secretly dream of doing some kind of work or living some kind of lifestyle that is diametrically opposed to the one you are in, even if it seems perfect for you.


Akashic Records Readings can connect you with your Soul Level Truths


When you have an Akashic Records Reading, a reader will help you shift into that other state of mind, or awareness, where the Soul Level Truths become much more clear.

You are shifted out of everyday consciousness, just for a while, in order to connect more deeply with your Soul.

The results can be very enlightening!


One Soul Level Truth that you can hear right now from the Akashic Records?

You are dearly Loved.

I hope you enjoyed this Akashic Message today!

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Until next time.

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